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M. C.
Article from: Men’s World / Moški svet/ no. 44, March 2000, p. 68
By Denis Papič & Andra Rozina

In February, the new Actiwave Season started at Gavioli’s, Izola (Ambasada Gavioli). This renowned club concept has been penetrating into all pores and elements which make up the energy-laden club night, and Mc Flasher, the vocal animator at Gavioli’s Club speaks about his views and program for the spring season.

The vocal animation in the Actiwave Season is connected with ‘flashes’ about a renewed activation of energies (the spring concept). The artistic line of the fusion with electronic body (electronic body, stars on the power line) still remains present, however, it has currently evolved in its reactivation. If the Samhain events in the fall (Halloween night) initiated some kind of energy hibernation, so it is now the time to reactivate the frozen feelings and energies.
Last summer, the travelling and in-flow flash through photonic flares (fotonic flare-impact … flash me now) was often applied, however, in the fall season this concept was no longer used. This summer, it will appear again, in a renewed form, to last and evolve until the end of the ‘season of the light’, that is till the fall – winter sequence of the wave happening.

In addition to vocal animation, Mc Flasher is also preparing an additional program at Gavioli’s, which will bring manifold events in the spring season. Apart from Fashion Globe Byte II, there are also some performances to be held at certain events. In the count-down concept Beatz Style # III, II, I, which will be continued in March, with subtitle French Connection, there will be guest artists from two different French-speaking countries. The French are usually associated with charm and erotics, hence the title of the coming performance to this topic, Kissission (French kiss + fission). That is a minor performance with costumed coreography, to be presented by the house performing team.
Article from: ADRENALIN Jan/ Feb. 2000, No. 24/ 25, p. 52

Photonic Impact?

A chaotic fusion with electronic body?
Explosion of energy in the culmination of experience?
Mc Flasher is projecting visions & experiences, leading you to ecstasy.

Mc Flasher, the vocal animator at Gavioli’s (Ambasada Gavioli). The man whose voice is a part of the integral entity of the club’s orientation. Sometimes with a clear style conception, powerful and clearly identified, another time integrated with musical substructure into a harmonious fusion of the Gavioli’s sound, which also includes quality vocal animation.

What would the club be like without the vocal animator, who is one of the three supports of an efficient club performability, in addition to a DJ and a light J?

“Like sex without an orgasm”, says Mc Flasher: “The role of a vocal animator in the club is to lead the evening, and the projection of its story. Thereby, the sensations of high energy and tension are raised, followed by the feeling of joy and comfort at their release. Each ritual has its own connoisseur, leader or shaman. The vocalist in the club combines the elements of all of them. For more than ten thousand years, people have been gathering in various ceremonies, which connect us to various spiritual elements, virtual ideas, and electronic bodies. I believe there is the basic energy of the universe behind all that, leading us ahead. It is easy to draw a parallel between the past and the present time, as it relates to the same matter, which is only manifested in different forms. In my case, it is combined and spiced with play and show business.”

What are you preparing for the Hyperplasmatic Event ‘999 in The Heart of 3rd Europe?”

“A postmodern ecstasy of life and communication!”
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