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Supa (Dmitry)
Je svoj pečat elektronski glasbi pustil skupaj s skupino Dee-Lite, ki jo je ustanovil leta '88. Skupaj so nato nadaljnjih nekaj let velevali trende sodobni plesni glasbi ter iskali skupne točke elektronskega undergrounda in popularne kulture. Hkrati z delom v skupini pa je gradil tudi lastno kariero didžeja, katerega sloga v resnici ni bilo mogoče nikoli docela opredeliti. Supa DJ Dmitry predstavlja sinonim eklektičnega DJ-a, ki meša različne žanre elektronske glasbe, jih spaja v epsko dolge sete nenadkriljivih party vibracij ter jih trosi po klubih in prireditvah celega sveta. DJ in producent iz New Yorka je že večkrat nastopal tudi v Sloveniji, v spomin se mu je vtisnila slovenska publika, katere entuziazma nad glasbo in zabavo ne more pozabiti ter se zato ponovno vrača.
Newyorski zvezdnik z ruskimi koreninami. Frontman skupine Deee-Lite. Music style: hard house, jungle, breakbeat in drum'n bass. Spomnimo se ga lahko iz nepozabnega 'All Night Long' vecera v Ambasadi Gavioli leta 1997.
Supa DJ Dmitry Brill was born and raised in Kirovograd, a uranium mining city of 400,000 located 150 miles from Kiev in the Ukraine; then one of the states of the USSR. He is a Gemmini and his birthday is June 4.
His father is an engineer and his mother is a classical piano teacher. He began to study piano in after-school classes when he was six years old. Classes included music theory and composition. He wrote his first song when he was eight years old and has been steadily writing since then.
He first heard western music when he was around nine or ten. The first albums he listened to were Jesus Christ Superstar, Elton John (Bennie and the Jets), Queen (Night at the Opera), and the Beatles greatest hits (Red & Blue). Western pop records were almost impossible to come by in Kirovgrad, but Dmitry was able to get bootleg copies of Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, ABBA and Boney M. His parents bought him a guitar when he was ten. By knowing paino chords, he taught himself to play his first song - "Hotel California" by The Eagles.
At 12 he formed a 5 piece band. He played keyboards; they also had 2 guitars, bass and rums. They performed for school dances and weddings.
Dmitry always liked to dress originally. At 13, he was suspended from school for four days for wearing jeans. He was a self-described smart-ass in school; talking back to teachers and generally rebelling against authority.
The government was trying to ward off rock and roll, and all Soviet records had to have horns and strings. Once you got signed to "Melodia" there was a five-year wait to record.
The family arrived in the US on Devil's Night when the kids were out throwing eggs. They lived in Borough Park in Brooklyn, got low paying jobs and tried to learn English. Then his father got an engineering job in Danbury, CT. The family moved to Danbury, where nobody spoke Russian, so he had no friends and was very lonely. "It was a culture shock, not just the language, but the concepts." He finished school six months early in January and moved to Coney Island to live with his Grandma.
"In high school, kids would say I was a Communist and a pinko. Once I moved to New York in '81 it was a lot easier; I could be an individual." He attended NYU for one year on loans and scholarships where he studied journalism and computers and worked in the NYU library. He also became and avid dance music fan and nightclub-goer. He quit school, held several jobs (elevator operator at Danceteria, coat check at Pyramid) and spent all his money on records and a turntable. He was a member of several bands in NYC: Four Dicks and a Bone, The Hello Strangers, Blue Sand, That Greek Design, Raging Slab and SHAZORK! He and the Lady Miss Kier met and wrote several songs together. Their first song was called "love and Bubbles", the second was "I Won't Give Up". They formed Deee-lite in 1988. Dmitry started using drum machines and formed the new technology to be able to make a demo tape of their work. By that time he was making a name for himself as a DJ at Pyramid and other clubs.
Dmitry is 5'11" with very dark brown hair (naturally), big brown eyes and long lashes. A vegetarian since he was a teenager, he likes all fruits. In his spare time he seeks out rare grooves at flea market and thrift stores.
Dmitry is still an avid DJ and tours all throughout North America spinning at raves and parties of all kinds.
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